SDM Triangle Alumni Legacy Fund

The SDM Triangle Alumni Legacy Portfolio was created to help our Chapter thrive for many years to come. Between three different foundations our goal is to create Scholarships and funding to continue on the Legacy of SDM Triangle. Two of the Foundations you may already be familiar with. The CARA Foundation is the Foundation at SDM where we have been receiving donations since 2001. We have two funds at Triangle Education Foundation, the SDM Chapter Endowment Fund and the SDM Terry Newlin Memorial Scholarship Fund. In 2021, we set up three new funds at the Black Hills Area Community Foundation to help explore more avenues for Scholarships and start working towards funding to help ensure that the Actives continue to have an enriching Chapter Home. Each of these funds is highlighted in more detail below.

We would also like to thank all of the amazing Supporters that have gotten us to this point

CARA (Center for Alumni Relations and Advancement) Foundation:

The SDM Chapter Triangle Fraternity Endowment Fund, our oldest endowment, still continues to offer the actives House Maintenence and Scholarships. This fund has allowed the SDM Chapter to keep up with the House through maintenece and repair. This fund has also produced 4 scholarships each year. These scholarships are for Triangle of the Year, Mr. FS&C, and the Most Improved GPA awards each semester.

SDM Triangle Fraternity Endwoment Fund: Click Here

Triangle Educational Foundation:

The Triangle Educational Foundation is home to both the SDM Terry Newlin Memorial Scholarship Fund and the SDM Chapter Endowment Fund. The SDM Terry Newlin Memorial Scholarship Fund currently awards 2 scholarships each year for service to SDM Triangle, University, Local Community, and Triangle Nationals. With continued donations the goal is to increase the number of scholarships awarded each year and the amount. The SDM Chapter Endowment Fund allows the actives to use these funds for Educational purposes. The one link below will take you to the donation page where you can select which fund you would like to donate to.

Triangle Educational Foundation: Click Here

New contributions to the Terry Newlin Memorial Scholarship Fund will be matched $1 for $1 up to $25K in 2023

Black Hills Area Community Foundation:

In 2021, we set out to give donors another option to support the Actives and Legacy of SDM Triangle Fraternity! Located right here in Rapid City, the Black Hills Area Community Foundation works to create more philanthropic options in our local community. Today we have three funds at BHACF, each with a specific purpose in mind. First, the SDM Triangle Fraternity Alumni Scholarship Fund aims to provide additional financial resources to the active members of the chapter. When fully funded, this fund will provide 5 scholarships, each valued at $2500, each with specific purposes. Secondly, is the SDM Triangle Alumni House Endowment Maintenance & Repair fund that will allow the chapter home to stay in tip-top shape for many years to come. Lastly, the SDM Triangle Fraternity Chapter House Replacement fund looks to provide our chapter with the ability to continue to own and operate our own chapter home. This fund is designed to eventually replace our home at 402 South. Each fund is linked below if you would like to give to one of these funds!

SDM Triangle Fraternity Alumni Scholarship Fund: Click Here

SDM Triangle Fraternity Alumni Endowment Chapter House Maintenance & Repair Fund: Click Here

SDM Triangle Fraternity Alumni Chapter House Replacement Quasi Endowed Fund: Click Here