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Highway Clean-up...

SDM Founders
On Saturday the 26th, Triangle Fraternity had a highway clean-up on South Canyon road. We were out there cleaning up garbage on the side of the highway for about two hours, and we collected about 13 bags of trash. The road really needed our help after the snow storm, but now it looks a lot better. We started out at nine O-clock in the morning on Saturday and we all drove out there and we split ourselves into four groups. two for each side of the road starting on either end, and then we met in the parking lot in the middle. All in all I would say it was a very productive work day.

- Josh Baldvins

Skillz Challenge Rush Event...

At the Rush Event in Wednesday, October 16th, Triangle Fraternity hosted a Skillz Challenge for the freshmen that are interested in joining the house. This Skillz Challenge consisted of many individual challenges hosted by members of the house in different rooms across the house. Some of these challenges included a balancing board, a nerd quiz, a one - shot golf minigame, along with many other tough and silly challenges. Wes Doney ended up taking home the grand prize while Alex Mischke fell in last place, wining a MacDonald's application.

- Josh Baldvins

Congratulations Brother Colter...

We celebrated Brother Colter Burleson's and Codi Burleson's Marriage this last Saturday in Rapid City. SDM Triangle wish the newly-weds the best as they enter this new chapter in their lives.

SDM Founder's Day

Friday was the 83rd anniversary of our chapter's founding.
SDM Founders

Congratulations Pledge Class 2014...

Today 25 SDM students accepted their bids to Triangle.

Congratulations New Initiates...

Here are the new of SDM Triangle.

BBQ Rush Event

September 10 was Triangle’s first rush event of the year. The weather was poor, so we had our barbeque inside the house. We had an excellent turnout of about 50 prospective members. We had burgers, hotdogs, and our cook, Deb, made some excellent potato salad and jell-o dessert. We played foosball, card games, and had a fire going outside. It was an excellent way to start off the rushing semester!

Thursday Night Football

Our second rush event was Thursday Night Football. Again, we had a good perspective member turn-out. The teams that were playing were the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins. The first half of the game was pretty slow, but having all the perspective members there made the tone of the basement much more enjoyable. The Giants ended up winning 45-14. We served nachos and at halftime we had a hot-wing eating contest. Brother Justin Brick is the four-time reigning champion and this year was no different. He beat the freshman competition by about 30 seconds. Still, it was all in good fun. Our next rush event is Wednesday, October 15!